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The (Interim) Chairman’s Column


The underlying reason for being in our Club is the opportunity each one of us has to come into contact with those who can become instant and long-lasting friends.  Many of us know that our latest BFF’s are men whom we have met through Seattle Prime Timers. 


Good feelings and enjoyment were in abundance at the Holiday Party we attended at the Best Western Executive Inn.  Our catered food was excellent, but so was the company of men who ranged from recently joined to long timers who have been around for 20 years or more.  The gift exchange was a hoot! 


Our THANKS go out to those who have served, and keep on serving, to keep the Club going — to Dennis for being such an enthusiastic Chairman, Juan for serving in Outreach, Dan for being a great Treasurer, Ron who keeps us afloat with his cheerful and supportive nature besides doing Secretary duties, and Leroy who has given so much to the Club for many years.  We also salute Bob who has given terrific support with many yearly and monthly events, and his outstanding newsletter contributions. 


We now need to appoint a new Chairman, and are looking for any of our members to step up and try it out.  You will get lots of help and support from the Steering Committee, and you will find how rewarding this position is. 


Please notice in the renewal form that you can indicate your interest in hosting an event or joining the Steering Committee.  But in any case, please renew before the end of January . . .   Thanks!

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