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Seattle Prime Timers

Seattle Prime Timers Celebrates

25 Years of Gay and Bi Men Making New Friends for Life . . .




At the end of our last Dining Out in June as we were saying our “good byes” to each other, one of our members opened up to me about how much he likes our club compared to other groups he attends.  “Guys in our club are so friendly and welcoming,” he said, among other thoughts that he had. 


To me the value of Seattle Prime Timers is obvious every day by all the friends who have entered my life through the club, some of whom have become quite close.  Many other members have also been truly enriched by friendships made through the club. 


Because I have given my support to our club for many years, sometimes other members express their amazement that I have given so much seemingly for no compensation.  Some have felt that there hasn’t been enough gratitude for my or others’ efforts and commitment.


Over time I have come to feel that I don’t need gratitude from others for things I do for them, but it occurred to me that it may be my way of preventing myself from feeling hurt when others show no gratefulness for things I’ve done or do for them.


We all need to feel valued, at least by somebody.  It’s nice to have a pet that loves you, because they value you [and not just because you feed them].  Retailers value their customers, and employers value their employees, and sometimes families show gratitude to each other, though not always.  But in a club comprised of volunteers, those who work for the club don’t always feel valued by the other members of the club.  And some have quit for this very reason. 


Instead of commiserating about not getting gratitude, I feel profound gratitude for our Club, for all those who have kept it together all of these years and continue to do so, and those who presently serve on the Steering Committee and those who host events. 


But I also appreciate and thank Woody Baldwin, the founder of the Prime Timers organization, and all of the former and current officers and chapters who comprise this marvelous network of sensitive and friendly men. 


Gratitude enriches ourselves as much as the recipients of our gratitude. 


Gregry J