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Seattle Prime Timers

Seattle Prime Timers Celebrates

25 Years of Gay and Bi Men Making New Friends for Life . . .



Happy Autumn! A favorite season for many, certainly for me. This year, especially, after such a warm, dry, and smoky summer, it is wonderful to contemplate the return of the cool, green, and wet days we usually experience – the real Pacific Northwest that those of us west of the Cascades get to enjoy most of the year. Autumn brings the wonderful colors of the trees that we have this time of the year and which much of the country never gets to have. Autumn flowers, berries, and fruits are part of this beauty.

We have successfully been resisting the nastiness, hate, and bigotry that have been thrown at us by the radical forces aligned against us in other parts of America. We are blessed to be in a city, county, state, and region where our government is decent and fair, inclusive and supportive. Our community here continues to shine, thrive, and advance.


Prime Timers is a part of that local spirit and community. We are your group and we rely on each other as well as on Mature Friends and all the many local LGBT seniors ' groups and the wider LGBT community.


I will close with a quote by the renowned Buddhist philosopher, writer, and theologian Thich Nhat Hanh.


Investing in Friends


"Even if we have a lot of money in the bank, we can die very easily from our suffering. So, investing in a friend, making a friend into a real friend, building a community of friends, is a much better source of security. We will have someone to lean on, to come to, during our difficult moments.


“We can get in touch with the refreshing, healing elements within and around us thanks to the loving support of other people. If we have a good community of friends, we are very fortunate. To create a good community, we first have to transform ourselves into a good element of the community. After that, we can go to another person and help him or her become an element of the community. We build our network of friends that way. We have to think of friends and community as investments, as our most important asset. They can comfort us and help us in difficult times, and they can share our joy and happiness."



Dennis Milam