For Mature Gay Men and their Friends

The Column from The Chair


Autumn is here!  The coziness and comfort of cooler and cloudier days, a return to true Seattle climate.  For those of us who used to have to endure seemingly endless heat and humidity under scorching skies, autumn has always been eagerly awaited.  A time of “harvest and holiday, the Peoples’ Peace” as a hymn puts it. 

We have Halloween, the great GLBT holiday and its related All Souls Day, a special holiday where we give thanks, and many other commemorations dating back to early Eurasian and Native American roots.  The colors of the leaves here set our forests, parks, and yards ablaze along with all the autumnal flowers like dahlias.

The squirrels and marmots around us are working overtime and the migrating birds are onto something special in the air. 

It is back to school and college for many, and all of us have the opportunity to learn and study – I’ve been able to do so much since retiring 7 years ago.  The autumn music, art, and related scenes come alive and we follow our city, county, and state elections – thankful for the barriers they provide against the present federal regime. 

I urge all Prime Timers to get out and about!  To attend as many Prime Timers activities, those of Mature Friends, and those of the numerous GLBT activities at city and suburban senior centers.  Also, to sponsor events such as dinners, potlucks, cards and games, films, concerts, walks in parks and neighborhoods, and to sponsor the unusual as well – visiting bars, wine tasting, galleries and museums, daytrips, and anything else.  If only one other person joins you, it is a GROUP event!

Help make September and all of autumn a time of renewal and rejoicing, revelry and recreation!


Seattle Prime Timers

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