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Have you ever thought what it means to be an Ambassador?† I never really thought about it until I was informed that I had to go to diplomatic school before being transferred to Belgium at SHAPE (Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, the military part of NATO).

In this school we each were informed that everyone is an Ambassador each day no matter where we are in this world.† What we say to others will affect each of us all the time.† It can be nice or bad.† All too often we donít think that telling someone something that is negative will always be remembered by others.† You might not be happy with something that is going on around you, all too often we say something that could affect other people around us.† We each need to stop and think ďAm I saying something that is not acceptable?Ē†

It might be hard to hold our thought to ourselves but we each need to remember that everyone thinks differently.† I remember when in Belgium a person realized that I was an American and told me that we should all go home and stay there.† I could have come back and said something that wasnít at all correct, but I thought about it and didnít say a word.† I saw that person about a week later and he remembered me and apologized to me regarding what he had said.† I told him that it was okay and that I did understand and accepted his apology.†

When we go somewhere we need to remember that what we say will be remembered no matter if it is something nice or not so nice.† Being a gay person, I have found that we each need to be very careful in what we say to someone.† If we find someone that doesnít like gay people we have to be nice to them.† It just might help that person to think twice and reconsider how they feel about us.† If you are in a situation where you discover you donít like the person who you are with, just be nice and you just might change your mind about that person. The important thing is, for all of us to just be good to each other no matter whom we are with.†

Remember this, that we are all Ambassadors.

Dan Frickell