Seattle Prime Timers

For Mature Gay Men and their Friends

Calendar of Events

SPT members are also invited to attend any of these Mature Friends Events:

Wednesday Pinochle Group: July 18 at 7:30PM Good Shepherd Center 4649 Sunnyside Avenue Suite 140, Seattle, WA 98103 - John Beierle

Greenlake Walk - Wednesday July 11, 18 & 25 at 11AM - We meet at the South West corner of the lake. This is near to the boathouse. This is NOT where you can rent boats. We gather at the north end of the parking lot that is just north of the boathouse.  Don McKenzie 206-235-2844 or

Wednesday Bridge Group: July 11, 18 & 25 at 7:PM - Paul Smith, Good Shepherd Center 4649 Sunnyside Avenue Suite 140, Seattle, WA 98103 Howard Bye-Torre 206-310-0766

Wednesday Lunch: July 11 and 25 at Noon - Roosters Tex Mex BBQ located at 611 Broadway East, just a couple of blocks from the Capitol Hill light rail station.  Bob McQuigg at 206-522-3502.

Tuesday Dining Out-Dinner: July 17 at 6PM - Robb’s 125th St Grill at 125th and Aurora.  Dan Lee 206-242-5173

Monthly Potluck July 28 at 6PM - Good Shepherd Center 4649 Sunnyside Avenue Suite 140, Seattle, WA 98103 Potluck assignments by Last Name Initial - Appetizer:  C, G, I, N, R, T; Main Dish:  J, K, M, S; Vegetable:   A, F, O, W; Salad:  D, E, P, Z; Dessert:  B, H, L, V

Thursday July 5th

7:00 PM

Coffee Reunion at Northgate Mall 401 NE Northgate Way, Seattle - Look for your friendly Prime Timers at a table in the Food court at the south end of the Mall – all are welcome!  Routes to/from the Northgate Transit Center:  26, 40, 41, 63, 67, 75, 303, 345, 346, 347, 348, 555, 556

Sunday July 8th

2:00 PM

Steering Committee at Dennis & Bruce’s home — All members are welcome and encouraged to attend. Contact Dennis at 206-898-9590 or Metro 8, 47

Thursday July 12th

2:00 PM

Cards at Ballard NW Senior Center 5429 32nd Ave NW — In the Arts & Crafts Room on the 2nd floor we will enjoy playing card games near the Locks [Hearts and/or Cribbage and/or Bridge depending on who shows up].  Beginners are welcome!  You can have lunch in the dining room, but it stops serving at 12:30.   Metro Routes 44 and 17X serve the Center.

Saturday July 14th

6:00 PM

Dining Out at Cactus South Lake Union 350 Terry Ave N, Seattle, hosted by Ron Hawk -- See menu at  RSVP by Thursday the 12th to Ron at 206-225-5258 or  Bus Routes: C Line, 70, 62, 8, SLU Trolley.

Sunday July 15th

3:00 PM

Free Movie at Scarecrow Video - 5030 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle - My Beautiful Laundrette was well received on it’s release in 1985 (do you remember how it was back then for us?)  The film is less concerned with plot than with life.  Set in a seedy neighborhood of modern day London, it is a study in contrasts:  between rich and poor, between upper and lower classes, between immigrant and native born, and between gay and straight.  Directed by Stephen Frears; starring Daniel Day-Lewis and Gordon Warnecke as the gay lovers.  Released 1985; 1 hour, 40 minutes.  The private viewing room will accommodate 30 people.  RSVP your interest to Roger Meers at NEW EMAIL: or 206-225-6703.  Free to Mature Friends, Prime Timers and their guests.  Scarecrow has concessions available for purchase. 

Saturday July 21st

2:00 PM


Monthly Potluck at The Cuff Seattle *NEW VENUE FOR JULY*, 1533 13th Ave, Seattle, WA  - 21+ ID required.  Please bring a dish that will serve eight or more to share.  Bus routes 2, 8, 10, 11, 12, 44, 49, 60.

Sunday July 22nd

1:30 PM

Seattle Prime Timers Rap Group at SASG 115 – 15th Ave East Suite 201. SASG is providing the Ian MacKintosh room for our meeting, and coffee and tea.  Metro routes 8, 10, 12, 49 and 60

 Subject:  What Benefit Can Being Positive Have in Our Lives?

[The subject is only the starting point for our confidential discussion.]

Saturday July 28th

6:00 PM

[or earlier]

Ethnic Dining Out at Gainsbourg, 8550 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle WA 98103, described as "an old-world cocktail lounge and European-inspired bistro." Hosted by Leroy Chadwick, who advises:  I plan to be there early to take advantage of happy hour, which ends at 6 pm.  I hope others will join me! -- See menu and other information at  RSVP by Thursday the 26th to Leroy at  or 206 495-8731.

Sunday July 29th

11:00 AM

Potluck & Gay Movie — at Bob Riopelle’s home. RSVP to Bob by Thursday the 26th at 206-935-5683 or  Attendees are requested to contact Bob and coordinate their potluck contributions.  Movie TBD. 

Saturday August 18th

3:00 PM


Seattle Prime Timers Annual Picnic

Woodland Park